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Taylor Lael's 1975 Imperials

I am a chrysler fan, and I recently purchased two 1975 imperials; a triple black with leather interior lebaron sedan and a silver cloud with dark red leather interior crown coupe. I have previously owned a 1982 imperial (gold) which met an unfortunate end but I hope to replace with the FS edition very soon. I also currently own a 1960 cadillac fleetwood sixtyspecial. I have previously owned a variety of makes and models but I love the distinctiveness and rarity of the chryslers and imperials. Everyone has a particular car they have wanted all their lives and would give almost anything to get; mine is the 1975 imperials. I consider these cars and the following newyorker broughams to be shining star above other automotive seventies excess (I also love the 79-81 new yorkers) I visit your webpage EVERY day just to look, salivate over the gorgeous chryslers, I am here so often, and such a huge fan, I may as well join.
Thanks for your consideration, Terry.

Taylor Lael