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Ryan's two 1978 New Yorker Broughams

Well I know that some on the list will not like the reason why I bought this car. I was in college at the time in Jacksonville, AL. I decided that I was going to race cars in the local hobby stock divison at the local track in Huntsville. My brother and his friend came down to Jville to go junkyarding with me. After looking at the local yards around town we went up to Piedmont Al right up the road. Well at this one yard we were poking around in we saw this car pictured in the photo. The owner said it ran and proceeded to crank it up. That 440 fired up and it was loud with no exhuast except for the factory y pipe from the heads. Plus it was only $350. Wow what a deal. We rounded up the cash and payed the man and were going to drive back to my dorm room well half way there at the gas station the car died and wouldn't start. So we left it and then got it towed to my dorm. It stayed there and my brother came down to work on it but it wound't stay runnin We ended up parting the car out as we tried to sell it whole put most only wanted the engine and not the whole car. So we sold the engine to a local mopar guy who worked at a AutoZone store. I found out later that he got shot and killed at his apt complex so I'm not sure what happened to the engine. I think we sold some other stuff and I got I think $250. Then the car got hauled off to a local yard. anyway I'm sure that was more than you would like to know about the car. I can't be sure why I ever bought a car that far from home but I do not regret it. Other fun additions were a light switch to turn the fan on and a battery cable that was spliced in a bunch of differnt places. About me I'm 26 and I work at a funeral home. Nuff said.

Hey here are some photos of the Black 78 I used to own. It has the 400 engine. I bought this car for a couple of hundred buck to replace my Brown 78. I didn't really do much to the car and it sat over at my brothers place until his roommate just had to have the car. So I sold it to him. Anyway a friend of mine traded the car as in his words "a boat for a boat" from my brothers roommate. He got the better deal as he traded a non running boat for a running 78 NYB. The car was a little worse for wear as it has several new dents on the passenger side. The most current being that my friend ran the car off the road after two days of ownership into a ditch and messed up the fender, knocked the front right tire out of alignment and damaged both rims on the passenger side with the front rim getting bent the most. The old gray top was removed and it had a set of matching Plymouth hubcaps which one was bent in the above off road excursion. The new owner says the car rides quite well and really likes it.


Huntsville, AL