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Mario Morello's 1978 Newport

Mario Morello, 44 years old. I just got a 78'Newport (dad's since day 1.)They never owned a garage, it's a little shabby. Please don't laugh. It has 51000 original miles

I would call it "clean not stock but not custom " I have a hard time deciding on what to change because it is stilll my dad's car in my mind so it will not be completely changed. There are a few things that I really have to change. Like the home-made wing, the Holley decals and Accel decals on the fire wall and rear bumper. I have to remove the tinted window film as the bubbles are popping up everywhere. Not sure how to do this one and I have to re-do the aluminum wheels. I already took the paint off the door handles because they were painted sand colour. I also found the original skirts. They were in my dad's shed so they are going back on the car, and if I can afford it I would love to lower the car about 2- 2 1/2 " to get it closer to the ground. I removed the heavy blue shag carpeting they had in the trunk. (Yuck) and wiped down all the original trunk liner rubberish mat. It looks fine. I armor-alled the spare. Thankx. I'll keep you posted/updated as we move on. Today I want to attack removing the tinted window film. Thankx Mario

Just finishing up before we went to visit my mom and dad's.....they were very impresed with the changes so far .........makes me Happy......thankx mario

Mario Morello