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John Smith's 1976 New Yorker Brougham Coupe

I would be thrilled and honoured for my car to appear on the website. I only hope that these pics, (and my car!), are of good enough quality to post.

I will borrow a good digital camera when I get my car back from the paintshop and take some more, so if you want, you can wait for that, or maybe post some of these, for 'before and after' comparison. It was supposed to have been completed by now, but the guy is really busy, and I would be surprised to see it done before late next week, as I was up to see him yesterday and he was still taking chrome off and hadn't even started sanding yet. He told me that he figures that it will take him 3 days to sand off all the old paint and I know for a fact that he has at least a couple of other cars to do that people are waiting for. Oh well, I don't want to rush him, as he does beautiful work, and I would rather wait and give him time to do his thing. (the suspense is killing me though!)

John Smith