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Jamie Kittrell's 1977 New Yorker Brougham

Driving home from the dragstrip one night, I see this car with $200 on the windshield. The next day, I pulled in and asked, thinking about a 440 donor. Well, he wants the motor, but man, is that car straight! I go ahead and deal on that car minus motor. Before he pulls it, we drive it around, it rides real nice! We pull the motor at his house and I tow it home, where I've been working on it ever since. I sold the standard hubcaps to the guy for $10 bucks. They were benty anyway. I've got a set of Premier hubcaps off a '74 Newport I'm putting on there

It has a 440 and transmission out of a '78 parts car, the fender and header off the same car. It also has power everything, auto-temp II, and even a 9 1/4 sure grip! I'm going to restore it back to original, as it is in very good shape, despite the damage. I'm looking forward to cruising with it next spring or sooner.

Another tidbit, it has the original spare in the trunk that looks like its been used once at most. The jack looks like brand new, as does the wheel and tire. The tire looks like its barely worn, as it still has the little nubs on it!

Hey all,

Got the urge to play with the NYB this afternoon, so I drove it. Turns out its still slipping when it winds in first, before I let off and it shifts (KD needs adjustment I think). Turns out I'm low on fluid, and its brown! Yikes, not black, but brown, and the three quarts or so I put in there was pink! I dont like this one little bit, so I'll refill and try again. I may as well go ahead and service it cause I've got two filter kits on hand.

But, thats not the only thing I screwed with. I also bolted the fender on (its still loose, to adjust) and header panel on! Hooked up the lights and everything works, but I've got a bulb out. Heck, the HL door motor from the car works! Before I bolted the header panel on, I swapped grilles to my '77 two. I'm going to get my buddy to help me switch bumpers, and that will take care of the front, short of bolting everything up!

Here are some pics.

Left fender off the parts car bolted loosely on (got to align everything before tightening it all down) Header in this pic is also loosely bolted on.

Better view of the header panel install and what it looks like.

Lights on, baby! I know, that bulb is out, but the door motor worked great! Its running in this pic

Left side view of the fender/header panel

Decided to go ahead and take a few more pics to add to my collection, since I didnt have these previously.

Full right side view This baby is LONG! In fact, it looks almost as long as that 1-car garage in the background. No way would this thing fit in there!

Dash shot

Stereo shot, ignoring the column shift knob. Its a Sony AM/FM/Cassette that really fits in this car well. I had to trade the po another AM/FM/Cassette for him to leave this one in here, cause it looks so good. Yes, it works too!

Heres what powers it, a closer view of the 440 seen in the other pics. That carb is only temporary, but it works pretty good. Reason being is that it wont clear the hood, I've got an adapter under it and I'll have to spacer the air cleaner to get it to fit. I'm going to rebuild a TQ for it eventually.

So, whaddya think?

Hey all,

Due to some screwed up insurance issues, I may have to bite the bullet and sell the NYB project. I'm going to do my best to hold onto the car, but if all else fails, I'll have to get rid of it. Dont ask about the situation right now, but its pretty grim at this point.

There are the first round of pics, it also has pics of my interior.

These are a few updated pics of the exterior. The wheels are indeed C-Body rallyes, but it would get the originals and the Premier hubcaps.

The car overall is in very good shape. It was smacked on the left front, and while the replacement sheetmetal works okay, it needs the core support straightened or replaced for everything to line up. There also is the notorious lower quarter rust. The back bumper also has a nice ding near the license plate. Otherwise its pretty good. Vinyl top is in very good shape.

Interior is almost perfect. Needs a couple clips for the dash bezel and the steering wheel is cracked. I dont know what kind of shape the front leather is in, but the covers are pretty good. Back seat is mint.

As far as options go, its pretty well loaded. It dont have the rear window defog for some reason or a sunroof. The auto-temp II needs a canister to work as well as hooekd up. The '78 440 is pretty good, but it needs a carb in a bad way. It also has some blue smoke on startup. I havent fired it in a couple months, but it will run. The car has been converted to electronic ignition using a Harness from a '77 360-4 CA emissions Cordoba. Trans really needs serviced but it shifts just fine. The gears in the cruise control module are stripped so the speedo does not work. Rear is the original 9 1/4 Sure Grip.

The title is kind of messed up, it was signed and dated but not Notarized. No back dated notaries allowed, highly illegal I'm told. I would probably get one from a Title Service.

OK, I've tried to describe the car as accurately as possible, so with that and the pics, could you put a value on it? Its not for sale right now, so I really dont need inquiries at this time. I've placed an amount of $1500 on it, too low, too high? I cant go very low if I were to sell or the Demo guys would end up with it and I certainly dont need that to happen to a very nice NYB.

- MoPar Jamie K.
' 77 NYB 2-dr St. Regis, 440/727, 9 1/4 SG rear, loaded up minus sunroof and rear window defogger

MoPar Jamie Kittrell

Sycamore, Kansas