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Greg Raney's New Yorker Brougham

My name is: Greg Raney and I live in Louisburg, Kansas.

I purchased the car in June of this year from the original owner. The car was originally purchased from "Downtown Chrysler" in Kansas City Missouri in January of 1978. The original owner was a medical doctor at an area Kansas City hospital and also was associated with the University of Missouri/Kansas City. A few years ago the doctor retired from these two jobs and began working with the World Health Organization. This job required him to travel overseas ten or eleven months of the year. He has two daughters - both live in Switzerland. He decided to sell his home, all possession (including the NYB) and move to Switzerland with his daughters. This is when I acquired the car.

He had always kept the car garaged and well maintained. The interior is in near perfect condition. No cracks, tears, or fading.

Grag Raney

Louisburg, Kansas