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Fred's 1977 New Yorker Brougham

When i changed the valve cover gaskets i cleaned the valve covers, i never knew they were blue. :)

Kickin CD player, too bad it has to go when i install an MD deck,

My new antenna, i had to be creative for the base, and use the mounting and washers of both the old and the new antennas for the whole thing to be solid.

Its got a 440 engine, TQ carb.,lean burn system,Air-Temp II, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, power seats, power locks, power windows, power steering, leather interiors, automatic transmission. When i bought it, 91'000KM on the odometer. Its stock colour (Oxred). With a white vinyl roof.

Repairs ... removed broken power antenna, new fixed mast antenna installed. ... Changed the old cracked valve cover gaskets for new fel pro performance gaskets ... i changed the trunk lock (i had no key) ... changed the battery and the battery terminal posts that attach to it,...

To Come ... rust and dent repairs, a new paintjob, silver, with the light doors painted black. the vinyl roof to be painted black. I need to get the windshield replaced. The marker lenses and plate lenses need to be replaced. I want to install an amp, new speakers, and a Sony MD deck. The TQ carb might need abit of tuning, and some new mags would be nice.

Introductions are in order :)

My name is fred, i live in Longueil, Quebec, i work as asst. manager in a small convenience store, and since february, ive saved every penny to buy Kent Elias' 77 NYB. It cost me approximately 2300$ to get my hands on this rare treasure, sadly, nearly half of that money was to contract out transportation from alberta to montreal. It finally arrived a few weeks ago!

The car is still in it's caramel color right now. Im not a mechanic (not yet), and i know only to do small things, im quite content with that thought. But over the summer i hope to take care of a few things, most notably, rust/dent repair, a new paintjob (deep clear- coat burgundy), a black vinyl top (its presently white, and that screams "old guy" around here, lol). The leather interiors are in good condition, with the exception of the drivers side (can someone give me details about patching up tears in leather?). Im gonna be changing the CD player for a minidisc player, ill get new speakers for front and back, as well as an amp and sub. Mr. Kent has been nice enough to arrange for marker lenses (one is broken, the other is cracked through) as well as making arrangements for the wheelskirts which i will have installed right before the paintjob (but after the rust has been removed). There is however an urgent need to use this vehicle for work, so thus far ive changed the battery and it's terminal posts, as well as the air filter. Also, an oil change and a radiator flush as a soon as the weather allows.

I hope to establish a good reputation for this fine car in my neighbourhood, with extra emphasis on style (im only 18 :P).

If anybody has advice regarding maintenance or improvements, i would apreciate it greatly. I hope to keep this car for quite some time to come.

PS: Per kent's recomendations, ive also considered a charcoal colored exterior, and red leather interiors. Could someone guestimate how much it would cost to redo the leather interiors? I saw pics of red leather interiors and i am very much in love with that style :D

I look forward to many pleasant discussions,
~4th Owner of a fine 77 NYB 2dr HT.


Longueil, Quebec