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Dirk Bekker's 1974 Imperial LeBaron

This Virginia Imperial has about 112.000 miles on the odometer and comes from the second owner. It was bought in November of 1973 by a company called ‘’Stanford Inc’’ of Roanoke. I guess this car was used by salesmen, also because it had the non tilt wheel, the mono radio and the not electrically adjustable front passenger seat, it probably saved the company some money. After that is went to another guy and in 1979 the car had already 110.000 miles on it.

This means that since then the car wasn’t used that much anymore and was said to be garaged since 1981.

I imported the Imperial myself to the Netherlands. Since then I replaced and repaired quite some parts of which are; electronic ignition / ballast resistor / regulator / coil / rebuilt thermo quad / drivers side window / new exhaust system / wiper system / headlamp doors (which was really easy), and some cosmetic tune ups. This car also has absolutely no rust!

I added a tilt steering wheel with the nice rim blow design and an 8 track player which in my opinion makes this car a real ‘’LeBaron’’ The burnished red metallic is a typically Chrysler color and suits this Imperial very well. It is the original color and has never been repainted, though it has lost some paint chips over the years.

The Parchment ribbed velour interior is in very nice shape, the rear seat looks like it has never been sat on but the drivers seat shows wear. The vinyl roof needs to be replaced someday, but other than that it’s a really nice looking 74 Imperial!

Dirk Bekker