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Dennis Schrader's 1976 New Yorker Brougham St. Regis Two Door

My brother found the beigh two door for me while I was deployed to Iraq from Mar 03, to Feb 04. He surprised me with it upon my return. It has 115,000 miles, and runs great. It is my daily driver. I get compliments and offers to buy it all the time. Rust is starting to get it up in the front fenders. I hate not having a garage to store her in. I'm just trying to keep her clean until I retire, move into a house with at least a 2 car garage, and get back to a life with free time for fixing them up. I'm looking at another long deployment to Iraq later this year which will push my retirement back about another year. Both cars are from Columbus, Ohio. I'm the second owner on the four door. I don't know the history on the two door, but it must have been well cared for, and garaged for a long time for the roof to be in such great shape.

Here you will find some photos of my beloved '76 Four Door. I've been on the mailing list for a long time under CHRY476@CS.COM. I'm the second owner. I purchased this car in early 96 in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently stationed at Fort Campbell, KY, with the Army. I'll be going to Germany in May of 2003, so I could use some advise for long term storage, or I'll have to find her a good home. I found this car in one of those free magazines that you pick up in front of markets and restaraunts. It was sitting in the used car section of an Oldsmobile lot. I went to look at it on a Sunday, not wanting to be bothered by salesmen. I've always loved these cars, but had no real interest in purchasing a car. At the time my daily driver was a 75 Cordoba with a 400. My wife drove a 91 Caprice Classic, and we had an 85 LTD to tow our trailer. The NYB had been left unlocked, and once behind the wheel, I had to have it. I begged my wife, and she gave in with surprisingly little resistance. I locked her up, and we took her home the very next day. I had to cut a 3' by 4' hole in the wall between my garage, and work area for the long grill. Shortly after buying Big Blue, I saw an ad in the local paper for a 76 NYB, same mileage, and color as mine. The guy was asking $10,000.00. I purchased mine for $4000.00. I called out of curiosity, and learned that the add was for my newly aquired car. The original owner could no longer drive it, and it was too big for the wife to handle, so after attempting to sell it, they traded it in for a new Oldsmobile. I asked, and he was able to locate and provide me with the car's operator's manuel, and the other little brochures that came with the car when he purchased it new. He said that it had never been in an accident, but it obviously had been hit in the back. The stearing wheel has two cracks, and the rear passenger side has been repainted. She has just over 60,000 miles, and is a dream to drive.

I've owned the blue 4 door 76 since 1995. She has around 60,000 miles on her now.

Dennis Schrader

Fort Campbell, KY, USA