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Dennis Boyd's 1975 2 door coupe

The webmaster of the New Yorker site, Brad Hogg, clued me in to this car in September of '04. It was in an ebay auction, and the car was located not far from my hometown of Rochester, NY. The seller had purchased the car as a derby car, but decided it was too nice for that, so he put it up for sale on ebay. I won the auction, and the owner was gracious enough to haul the car up here, for a small fee.

The car has a smooth running 400, with a 2 BBL carb, 727 trans., and a 9 1/4" rear w/Sure Grip. It's been a blast to drive this completely stock Chrysler luxury automobile. I've put very little work into the car, to include tranny service, brake repair, a tune up, a couple of oil changes, new valve stem seals, a new radiator, and new tires. One thing I'd recommend with regards to old cars: Make sure to have the cooling system pressure checked before a trip. The radiator literally blew it's top while driving on an interstate near Youngstown, OH, during a trip out to see an Imperial list member. I limped it off the interstate, parked it at a local Clarion hotel, reserved a rental car, and proceeded to Tony Fortner's house.

The folks I've met who appreciate the old Mopar luxury cars are great folks, and Tony Fortner is no exception. He helped me find a radiator and related parts for the '75, while we had a great weekend visit checking out car related stuff near his hometown. After our visit, I headed towards Youngstown to do the repair on the car.

The radiator change (in the parking lot of a nice hotel) took under an hour, and I was back on the road. Made a stop in Buffalo to grab something to eat, had some folks drool over the car there, then proceeded to take the scenic route back to Rochester, in the middle of the night. It was a great trip, despite the radiator failure, and illustrates how a nice running New Yorker Brougham can be a very nice vehicle for trips. I'd recommend a 1970's Chrysler luxury car to anyone interested in a relaible, safe, and strong running road car.

I also own a black 1978 New Yorker Brougham 2 door coupe.

Dennis Boyd
New York