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Clinton Piel's 1978 New Yorker Brougham

Somebody asked about the body under the turn signal lite. This is smooth, 1978

These are the best interior shots of the BSB Corinthian leather. I'm not much of a photographer, and the other shots of the interior were way-way dark. No detail

I send this; as an example of the 'warts' the poor thing has

My wife actually spotted the beast, one day, when she got lost while on an errand. She called me from work, later that afternoon, and told me what she knew about the car. The way she described it, I figured it was an old Chrysler beater, and since it was raining, that day, I made no effort to go to see it. When she got off work, she found out I hadn't been to see it, and insisted we go. I got in the car, with her, and headed to the car lot. It had an old Fury a couple Fords, a Chevy, and an International Harvester tractor, along with the beast. (This is a little cow-town in Colorado) I saw the Beast, and Loved it, but was all set to find out that the windows and the tail lights or some such didn't work, but after getting the keys, and taking it for a test-drive, I found that the only things that didn't work were the power antenna, and because of that, the radio didn't sound so good. The headliner has fallen, a little bit, and one of the lighters had become stuck, and blown a fuse.(Yes it does have a circuit breaker in the lighter socket, but apparently, it failed.) After being enveloped by the 'Rich Corinthian Leather', I fell in Love with the Beast, and wrote out a check for $2300.00 less than an hour after seeing it for the first time.

I got it home, and got on the Web to see if there was any information about it, and found the NYB page, and signed up. About 2 weeks after I got it, I had had a chance to get the feel of the Beast, and decided that the tranny needed adjusting. A new transmission, and a 'super tune-up' later, I was on the road again.

I had to take the Beast back to the shop for another shot at adjusting the carburetor, and that didn't work, so I took it to another mechanic that worked for Chrysler during those years, for another re-build, and that didn't work either. I finally settled on a 're-manufactured' TQ, from Champion Parts, just this last week-end, and I am happier than a pig in....a stye.

Having the carburetor installed, I didn't have any problems driving to the next town, where my buddy with the digicam lives, and he handed me the camera and told me to take a bunch of pics. Being a rather poor photographer, I got a lot of pics, but for now, these are the only ones that I thought looked nice enough to put on the site. I hope all enjoy the pics. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments, and I will be happy to reply. Skip

Clinton R. Piel

Greeley, Colorado, USA