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Bruce McKaughan and Odette Dequier's 1977 Town & Country

I had three potential plans for this car. One with my head, one with my gut, one with my heart. I went with the latter. This car is for my Lady Friend known to about 25 youngsters as Auntie Odette. Some of these youngsters are newborns, some are toddlers. Some are teenagers, some are pushing thirty with youngsters of their own. Auntie Odette likes to shine a little brightness and fun into their lives. This car will take them fishing, camping, to barbeques and family gatherings, with more seatbelt capacity over her daily-driver. This car was kept secret from her since August 2004, Project Code Name Incredible Bulk.

Two of these youngsters are cousins Mike Gagne and Damon Cote, Lead Hand and Apprentice. These gentlemen improved the roadworthy condition with sheet metal repair, rear brakes, ball-joints, lights and general repair. In much better shape, the car passed the first Manitoba Safety Inspection with Pipe-Bender Tim of Minute Muffler in Saint Vital, MB. Deemed roadworthy, it became plated, and Mike and Damon concentrated on the car's appearance the following spring.

Bill of Maaco in Elmwood, MB, was patient and enjoyed the Project. Acknowledgements to Matt Wappler for the use of borrowed emblem letters to replace lost ones. Observe tailgate letters, C H R Y S L E R . Note that the S and the second R appear brighter than the other letters. Matt Wappler allowed me to borrow these letters from the tailgate of a parted-out 1974 T&C, and Brad Hogg removed these for me. Special thanks to Michelle, Linda and the Custom Goldsmith of Appelt's Jewelers for re-creating the letters in Sterling Silver. Also thanks to Brad for the Roof Mounted Air Deflector from his 1976 T&C, and matched set of wheel covers from a 1974 Newport. Ace Auto Electric repaired the Right Front Turn-Signal Marker Lamp Fixture, mangled from a deer strike.

The Current Manitoba Safety is provided by Tony & Joe's Pembina Highway Location, owned by Joe Anannia and his charming wife Lady Adrianna. Thanks to Darrel, Rolly and Patrick. These folks know Auntie Odette and have met some of her youngsters. With their high degree of professionalism and diligence, I have the greatest confidence in this Wagon's future as a Wholesome Family Cruiser.

(Webmaster's note) Tragically, Odette's life was cut short in a motor vehicle collision in November 2008. She will be sorely missed.

Bruce McKaughan and Odette Dequier