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Brad Hogg's 1991 Dodge D250 Club Cab Pickup

On June 14, 2008 I sold this truck. I put alot of work into it and alot of new parts. I hope the new owner will appreciate it as much as I grew to.

Even though my 1984 Dodge D150 (/6, auto) pickup was a very capable truck, I found that when I would tow loads in excess of 6000 lbs, it was just working too hard. I really needed a truck with a higher rated weight capacity than a half ton anyway. That's why I started looking for a 3/4 ton or a 1 ton. I found this truck for sale locally and decided to pick it up. It's a 1991 DODGE RAM D250 360 V8, ext cab, 4 spd, full size box. I kinda wanted a 4x4 and quad cab but the price was good so I went ahead with it. I'm sure the 360 will tow way nicer than that little 3.7L six. The 4.10:1 rear end ratio and 4 speed transmission should make this truck a fuel hungry stump puller. That's not so bad for the amount I actually drive the truck, it's not exactly a commuter.

I am, however, still completely amazed with what that little slant six would haul and tow! It was a very sad sight to see someone else drive away in my 84 but I couldn't justify owning two pickups. As it turned out, the money I got for the 84 was just about exactly what it cost me to get the 91 on the road so it was, financially, an even trade.

To pass our provincial safety inspection before I could get plates for the truck, I needed to do the following:

I got all the work completed and the mechanic signed off on the safety. I'm anxious to tie this truck to something heavy to test its metal.

Brad Hogg
St. Clements