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Brad Hogg's 1978 Chrysler Newport 4-Door Hard Top

ME and My Newport Metal-morphosis

Dash Front Seat.  Tuscany Cloth Back Seat.  Tuscany Cloth C Pillar Emblem Premium Wheel Covers
ID Tag Codes Engine Newporker in Abbotsford, BC Original Shipping Order

These pictures were taken when I visited fellow NYBML member James, in Calgary, Alberta.
New Yorker and Newporker New Yorker Wheel Covers New Yorker and Newporker New Yorker and Newporker New Yorker and Newporker New Yorker and Newporker

In January of 2000, I purchased this beautiful 1978 Chrysler Newport from a woman in Coquitlam, BC. I was living in Maple Ridge, BC at the time. The PO (previous owner) had driven the car into the rear of a parked pickup truck and damaged the front right corner quite extensively. I had the car towed to my apartment building in Maple Ridge, BC and I set to work attempting to repair the beastie. I had only hand tools to work with so this presented a challenge. After about a week and a couple trips to the salvage yard, I had the car on the road. I've since fallen in love with this car as the most luxurious car I've ever owned. It has been a joy to own and has been the subject of numerous hobby projects. This car has about every option that was available in 1978. It is surprisingly well equipped for a low-line car like a Newport. It seems like it is a Newport trying to be a New Yorker, and it might be some day with my help.

The car was originally purchased by a man named Ernie Dahl from Haney (Maple Ridge), BC. Mr. Dahl bought the car from Maple Ridge Chrysler. The car still carries the Maple Ridge Chrysler name plate on the rear bumper. You can see the specifications on the car here.

In February, 2000, I moved from Maple Ridge, BC to Winnipeg, Manitoba. The car moved with me. The car performed perfectly on the long drive. I have since driven the car from Winnipeg to the West Coast and back twice. As long as you keep feeding it gas, it keeps purring down the highway.

Please have a look at the pictures here and enjoy this big green giant car, I certainly do!

These are a few of the New Yorker "upgrades" I have done on the car. For you purists out there, I have done all these changes in such a way that they can all be changed back to stock with relative ease.

First, I changed the header panel, hood and front bumper to the NYB style. I used parts from my 1977 NYB parts car for this project.
Newporker in Abbotsford, BC

Next, I changed out the tail lights with those from a 1974 New Yorker.
New Yorker style Tail Lights

I repaired a bruise in the windshield.
Before After

Later on, I replaced the transmission in this car due to a failing reverse gear.

I also replaced the header panel and installed one from a 1977 New Yorker Brougham