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Michael Weddle's 1968 New Yorker

I first saw Jasmine on the way to the store with my brother. I thought she was worth checking out, so I swung my '77 New Yorker Brougham around and took a peek. Nice car, but I can't afford it. What blue collar guy has $2,500 lying around? I went on and tried to forget, but I kept coming back-every time I passed the car I had to stop! Is she a hardtop? Does she have A/C? Where is the ignition switch? What did the steering wheel look like again? Then, on my way to another buddy's house, the torque converter in the '77 went out. I needed a car, but barely had a dime to my name. When a coworker suggested I borrow the money from another coworker I was hesitant, but the guy didn't seem to mind at all and I wanted the car so bad (I named her the second time I stopped to look) that I went for it. I again re-thought the whole thing when the owner told me the mileage, but after checking the oil, tranny fluid, and a test drive, I saw that she didn't show the wear AT ALL except for the hole in the carpet on the driver's side and a lot of play in the steering. $2,400 later I was on my way home. The first three pics are the second day I bought her. I was on the way home from buying tune-up parts in a neighboring town when I decided to wash her. That's me standing in the background in the third pic as my youngest brother took the pic. The last two photos are about three weeks later, right after I got new tires-the ones that came with her were old and dry-rotted to the point where they were bubbled and big chunks were missing. I was told by a buddy driving behind me that I had a bent rim, they were so bad!! The new tires are much smaller but will do for now, and they were the largest 14s Wal-Mart had.

Michael Weddle

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