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Edward Mills' 1967 New Yorker

I bought this car last year and plan to do some minor restoration, keeping as much original as I can. She has 29k on the odometer and I believe that to be correct although title says exempt.

She was originally a factory lease car delivered in November 1966. She was removed from lease service on February 10, 1968 and was sold to an Engineer for $3395 + $101.85 tax by Don Schmid Motors in Wichita, KS. July 3, 1968 with 17,748 miles on her. I have some service records to 23,690 miles in December 1970, but it appears she was taken out of service shortly thereafter with a total of about 5,000 miles over next 38 years. I don't know that much about the previous owner other than he was an Engineer and had a Mcconnell AFB sticker. Owner's Daughter consigned her to a dealer from whom I bought her.

She still has original 8.85-14 Goodyear Power Cushion spare tire, but has 4 J78-14 dual whitewall Polyglas vintage 1970-71 on the ground with minimal wear, but lots of age - I have driven on them to load / move her, but would not put on the road til I get new tires. I'm having trouble locating 14 inch tires for her - may have to put 15's on to drive her - but I would kind of like to keep the J78-14 mounted on her original wheels anyway.

She has some unusual options - at least in my opinion - as a 4 door Hardtop - she has red leather power bucket seats with a console mounted automatic transmission. Other options are not that unusual but high end including Reclining passenger seat, Auto-Pilot, Sentinal Headlights, AM/FM search tune with Reverb and Power Antenna, Power Windows with Power Vent windows, Air Conditioning, Rear Window Defogger, and Power Trunk release. About the only things I can come up with that she does NOT have are the 375 HP motor, Disc Brakes, and Auto-Temp air conditioning.

I would like to find another set of correct vintage 14 or 15 inch rims for her. Anyone with suggestions on tire / rim situation please contact me.

Edward Mills

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