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Donald & Betty Henderson's 1978 Fury

Here are 3 of my parent's cars. The 66 New Yorker is bronze in colour, and they like taking it to shows a great deal.

The 73 New Yorker is cream coloured. We had a 73 Newport of our own, that was green, and loved it. I learned to drive in it, and Dad got this one because we liked our own so much.

The 76 New Yorker is dark red - Dad's favourite colour. It is the only one of them all that they bought new - in 1976 as a 25th wedding gift to themselves and they drove it to the Rockies that summer. It is a dream to drive!

The 67 New Yorker which you saw - I will have to get a picture of it for you, and my brother has a 71 NY that is black and very beautiful too.

To round out their collection they have a 66 300 in blue, a 66 Windsor in teal, a 59 Windsor in maple red and cream, and a 77 Plymouth Fury in fire engine red.

We used to try to take them all to New Hamburg, but since the classics are no longer separated from the rest, and it is so hard to get parked together, we just take a couple. It was great fun - one year we had 7 there.

The 59 Windsor has a push button transmission, and a radio that works (AM only of course). It is in Dad's favourite colour.... maple red.

The 66 300 is in showroom condition.

The 66 Windsor is a nice car too, and we had one just like it in the same colour from 1967 - 70 or so.

Thanks for getting this website together, Dad is pretty happy to have been asked to put his cars up. I will get a bit more info about each of the cars together for you like specs etc.

If you want interior pictures too, let me kow that and I can get some - I should anyway - create a record of their condition etc. for future info. The engines have all been restored too - re-machined if necessary and all cleaned painted and reassembled.

1978 Plymouth ‘Fury’ 2 Door Hardtop

Owners: Donald & Betty Henderson Year purchased: 2000 Dutton, Ontario From: LaVerne Jewel, Sutton, Ont.

Specs: Engine: 225 c.i. Slant 6 1bbl Holly Transmission: 3 speed automatic Other: 100 hp @ 3600 rpm

Otpions: AM radio Power steering Power brakes

Restoration & Other Info:

This car was purchased from Mr. Jewel of Sutton, Ontario. We are the second owners. It is bright red inside and out. It is a survivor. It has had no motor or drive train repair, no re-chroming or painting. The interior is also original. We have replaced a couple of radiator hoses and put on new tires. The car has 40,000 kms on the odometer.

Information compiled September 2007.

Donald & Betty Henderson

$1500.00 Cash Advance