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Bob Mitchell's 1965 New Yorker Town & Country Wagon

This is my 1965 Chrysler NY T&C 9 passenger station wagon. I purchased it last week. It needs lots of TLC, especially the interior. What intrigued me other than its "RB" engine was the number of option codes on its fender tag. I believe the number I counted was twenty. It even has power vent windows which I think is something given that our two 1968 Dodges (a Charger and a Coronet) both have latch vent windows and are 3 years newer.

What I took to be a 413 cid "RB" engine turned out to be a 1974 440 cid engine. If I'd have taken the time to look in the glove box I'd have found a pamphlet titled "My Automobile Record Book". In that pamphlet under the heading November 4, 1985 it clearly states a 440 cid engine was installed that date.

The previous owner of this vehicle was an older lady. The reason she parted with it was because the state took her drivers license. She will be 89 her next birthday. Over the years she made entries in the pamphlet describing work done to the vehicle. One of the reasons the interior is in such bad shape is that she had every part she ever had replaced except for the 413 cid engine in the back of that car. After cleaning the vehicle out and throwing away the old used parts I still have 157 items. These are new items still in their original boxes. They range from pitman arms to brake shoes to starter relays.

My plan is to restore this vehicle to its original grandeur as soon as I finish the 1968 Charger I am restoring for my son.

Also see my 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T.

Bob Mitchell

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