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Alexander Edwards' 1966 New Yorker

Thanks so much for checking out my 1966 New Yorker. The car has the now legendary 440 V-8. I am sure that everyone knows that 1966 was the first year of the 440 for Chrysler. This car is a true survivor. Nothing has been restored. I am the second owner. The car spent its entire life in Colorado and has no rust whatsoever, as Colorado uses sand for snow, instead of salt. The original owners were a career military couple. It was purchased new in MO on 10/8/65. I have the warranty card.

I bought the car from a couple of great Mopar guys who live in the UP of Michigan. Living in the Chicago area, I met them half way at Green Bay Wisconsin and drove the car home in Sept of 2005. It hadn't been on the road since about 1982 but my sellers freshened it up for me and she tore up the road on the 250 mile journey home.

I have had to do really nothing to the car except for cosmetics. The paint was badly oxidized and was able to bring back a nice shine. I painted the roof black for the two tone look. I can't get over how well the car runs. The neat thing about these old C-Bodies is that they are rare today. Whenever I go to a car show, there are always the same old Vettes, Camaros, '57 Chevys and Mustangs. Everyone kept those cars. I always like to ask folks "When was the last time your saw a 1966 New Yorker"? Most of them either say "I haven't seen one in 25 years or Never".

To me that is the cool part. These cars of ours are truly unique. I also love how these cars are such ambassadors of good will. Total strangers often come up to me and start conversations about their memories of their dad's old Chrysler etc. One guy even told me that he had a '66 NY and used to take it to the track with his brother. I will never forget his quote : " We used to smoke Camaros all day long with that thing".


Alexander Edwards


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