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Lance Espinosa's 1963

Like the round steering wheels on 63 New Yorkers were cars that had a tilt column other wise it was the famous square.

Grindelia was purchased by Gus Kleck a jeweler and diamond cutter in Miami Fl at McGaney's Of Miami Beach JE.1-3387. Gus had dabbled in boxing in his youth, but as the years progressed and he was robbed three times, one in Grindelia. He decided to move away from the city to Ocklawaha Fl. Where he and his wife settled in to their golden years. When the time came they needed assistance in their home. The Kleck's collections of jewelry and watches were pilfered. Cussing Gus to hide things....... After his passing the car was passed on to his nephew Tom L. Rutland who enjoyed Grindelia for a time, but decided to sell her. Since his for car garage was full with his Ferrari, Escalade, Lexus and his work truck, so he had to keep Grindelia in one of his hangers at the Merritt Island airport. After seeing an ad in Collector Car Trader I gave him a call. When I went to see the car I got to test drive it on a run way....! 340 Fire Power 413, FUN ! I agreed to buy the car and whet home happy.

After getting the old girl home I cleaned her out looking for a build sheet or anything that might be there. Everything seemed to have bin taken apart before, all the screws were loose and it was very clean in the out of the way places. I did find some of Tom's things, so I emailed him and asked if he wanted me to send them to him. Knowing Mr. Kleck's history I also asked what I should do with the bag of uncut diamonds I had found.......................... His response to my humor, was to say the least not pleasant. He tone was angry and accusatory. He believed I had found uncut stones, that he thought he should have ! After trying to straighten things out, I gave up. If I ever do fiend valuables in the car he'll never see a dime !

Edit how you like, by the way I kept some of his emails just to prove the story. I will send more pics later.

Lance Espinosa