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Product Evaluation - Windshield Repair

I recently used a Permatex® Bullseye Windshield Repair Kit to repair a windshield. It worked so well for me, I wanted to share it with the group.

I purchased the kit from Canadian Tire for about $12.00 CDN.
The kit contains a syringe with the repair compound inside and an adapter to hold it to the windshield while the compound cures.

One kit had an adhesive pad,

but the other one had a suction cup.

This is one of the bruises before the repair.

Take the backing off one side of the adhesive pad and stick it to the windshield directly over the bruise so the damage is in the open center of the pad. I stuck a portion of the backing to the tab on the backing to assist in removing the pad from the windshield when done.

Remove the backing from the other side of the adhesive pad and stick the syringe adapter to it.

Remove the cap from the syringe and press it into the adapter that is now stuck to the windshield.

Holding the syringe firmly onto the windsield with one hand, pull up on the syringe plunger with the other hand. Pull it up until it meets the stop built into the syringe. Hold the plunger up for a few seconds and then press it down quickly. (it will tend to pull down anyway due to the vacuum created below the plunger) Repeat the procedure about ten time, each time pausing at the top to pull air bubbles out of the damaged area and pressing down quickly and firmly so as to drive the compound into the damaged area.

Leave the syringe stuck to the windshield in the sunlight for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, inspect the repair from inside the car. If the repair doesn't look effective, repeat the ten plunges as described above and wait another 30 minutes.

When the repair looks good, remove the syringe from the windshield and clean up any fluid on the windshield.

DO NOT GET THE COMPOUND ON THE CAR'S PAINT!! This compound will eat the paint off your car faster than you will believe!

This is the result of this particular repair. This compund will not work this well on all damage. You will have to do your own experimentation.

I was unsuccessful in repairing this this crack. Sorry for the poor picture. Taking pictures of glass is not easy! Chrysler New Yorker Online - Product Evaluation - Windshield Repair