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Product Evaluation - Plug-n-Play Audio Adapter

I recently bought a little gadget on eBay that turned out to be the coolest gadget I've seen in years! This is a must for anyone who has a classic car or truck and doesn't want to rip out the OEM sound system just so they can listen to their CDs or Casettes while on the road. What this device does is, it plugs into the headphone jack of your portable device (any portable device) and then it transmits the audio over the car's FM radio! The device has the capability to be easily tuned to ANY frequency in the FM band. They even provide a power source for the audio device! You plug the Plug-n-Play into the cigarette lighter, plug one cord into the power jack on your audio player, then plug the other cord into the headphone jack of your audio player...that's it! The sound is crystal clear and the unit is easily transported from one vehicle to another. These units are currently selling on eBay for about $5.00 each USD plus shipping. Five stars for this one!

If you want one of these units, I suggest you contact Dom at

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